2021 Cadillac XT6 vs. Acura MDX vs BMW X5

2021 Cadillac XT6 vs Competition - Germain Cadillac of Easton

As more and more entrants join the midsize luxury SUV segment each year, making the right buying decision can certainly seem quite difficult at first. With the arrival of the dynamic three-row Cadillac XT6, shoppers now have a bold yet capable option to experience first-class luxury motoring. To demonstrate how the XT6 continues to stand above the competition, we’ve put it up against two of its biggest rivals in a head-to-head comparison. How will the competitors from Acura and BMW measure up to Cadillac? Let’s find out!

Cadillac XT6 vs Acura MDX

Cadillac XT6
Acura MDX
2021 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury AWD VS 2022 Acura MDX Technology Package AWD
$56,140 MSRP* $53,900
310 lb / 271 TQ ✓ Horsepower/Torque 290 lb / 267 TQ
Regular Unleaded ✓ Fuel Type Premium Unleaded
Standard ✓ Heated Steering Wheel Optional
Standard ✓ Teen Driver Mode Not Available
78.7 cubic ft. ✓ Max Cargo Volume 71.4 cubic ft.
39.8 inches ✓ Front Headroom 38.5 inches
39.1 / 39.1 inches ✓ Rear Headroom/Legroom 38.1 / 38.5. inches
37.2 / 29.5 inches 3rd-Row Headroom/Legroom 36.2 / 29.0 inches
1 Year / 12,000 Miles ✓ Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Not Available
6 Years / 70,000 Miles ✓ Roadside Assistance Coverage 4 Years / 50,000 Miles

Up first to challenge the Cadillac XT6 is the Acura MDX. Although the MDX begins with a slight price advantage from the start, you’ll quickly see that choosing Acura over Cadillac can prove to be a costly mistake

In terms of performance, both models come equipped with almost identically-sized V6 engines. The key difference is that the Cadillac XT6 delivers greater horsepower and torque than the MDX, providing a more engaging experience behind the wheel. Better still, you won’t have to shell out the additional cash for the expensive premium unleaded fuel required by the Acura MDX.

A standard Teen Driver setting inside the XT6 is great for helping young drivers learn safe habits behind the wheel. Acura does not currently offer a similar feature on the MDX. In terms of overall space and comfort, it’s impossible to ignore the generously sized interior of the Cadillac XT6. Advantages include great front headroom, rear headroom/legroom, and third-row headroom/legroom. All occupants will have a far easier time stretching out and finding a comfortable position on longer trips inside the XT6.

Finally, the Cadillac XT6 includes complimentary scheduled maintenance that covers your first visit to the dealership. In addition, you’ll enjoy 2 additional years and 20,000 miles of roadside assistance coverage compared to Acura.

Cadillac XT6 vs BMW X5

Cadillac XT6
2021 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury AWD VS 2021 BMW X5 xDrive40i
$56,140* ✓ MSRP* $61,700
Regular Unleaded ✓ Fuel Type Premium Unleaded
26 ✓ Highway MPG 25
9 ✓ Transmission Speeds 8
Standard ✓ Capless Fuel System Not Available
Standard ✓ Wireless Charging Not Available
6 ✓ USB Ports 2
Standard ✓ Lane Keeping Assist Optional
Standard ✓ Heated Steering Wheel Optional
Leather ✓ Seat Material SensaTec Leatherette
20 inches ✓ Wheel Size 19 inches
41.2 / 39.1 inches ✓ Front/Rear Legroom 39.8 / 37.4 inches
6 Years / 70,000 Miles ✓ Roadside Coverage Available 6 Years / Unlimited

Next up, we’ll take a closer look at how the dynamic Cadillac XT6 compares against the proven BMW X5. This time, the BMW comes with a staggeringly higher price tag than the XT6. How far does that extra cash take you with the X5? Not as far as you would think.

The savings continue to add up for the Cadillac XT6 when you consider its higher highway fuel economy rating and the lower cost of regular unleaded fuel. A more sophisticated 9-speed automatic transmission provides enhanced response and efficiency, especially at highway speeds. A standard capless fuel system adds convenience when it’s time to stop for gas. Standard 20-inch alloy wheels provide a more confident stance on the road as well.

Turning our attention towards technology and interior amenities, the Cadillac XT6 continues to outperform the BMW X5. Choosing the XT6 means that you’ll receive standard wireless charging, 6 USB ports, and lane keeping assist. When it comes to comfort and refinement, a standard heated steering wheel and genuine leather upholstery are two other options that you’ll enjoy inside the Cadillac XT6. More front and rear legroom compared to the BMW X5 help to further enhance your comfort as well. Finally, Cadillac includes a longer term of roadside assistance coverage for greater peace of mind behind the wheel.

Winner – Cadillac XT6

Now that we’ve counted the results, the clear winner of this competitive comparison is the Cadillac XT6. Both the Acura MDX and BMW X5 are simply unable to contend with the premium standard features, generous interior room, outstanding value, and performance included as standard across the XT6 model range. Ready to experience the XT6 for yourself? Our team at Germain Cadillac of Easton looks forward to helping you choose the model that’s best suited to your lifestyle.

Winner -- Acura RDX